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Lori Silver

Former OHFAST Performance Therapist

Current the Lead Physio for the Canadian Rugby Womens 7s

Lori has accepted the position is as the Lead Physiotherapist for the Canadian Women Rugby 7s team.  Lori will be relocating to Victoria, BC to continue her performance therapy work with the reigning 2016 Women's Rugby 7 bronze medalists.

Lori will be missed.  I have worked with Lori for almost 5 years now and it has been a pleasure.   Lori always did great work with her patients and exemplified our Performance Therapy approach.  Her unique skill set as Physio and Strength coach will be missed.  

She had a great clinical mind and is a great athlete.  One of my fondest memories is when we were training together doing box jumps and she was hanging with all the boys.  She could get up there.  She easily box jump 40”.  

Her passion to always get better is commendable.  We have attended many conferences and courses together.  I am sure I will see her at future courses and conferences.

Good luck Lori.  Thank you for your great years of service to the performance therapy model and helping us grow.  I look forward to hearing about the great things you will be doing with the Canadian Women's Rugby 7s team.

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Dr. Jas Randhawa

Former OHFAST Performance Therapist

Currently the Lead Performance Therapist @ ALTIS

OHFAST is world class. Congrats to former OHFAST performance therapist (PT) Dr. Jas Randhawa who is the lead Performance Therapist at ALTIS. ALTIS is the most prominent Track & Field Performance centre in the world based out of Phoenix, Arizona.  In May, I got to take the Performance Therapy Program at ALTIS. Dr. Jas was one of the lead performance therapists running the course.  Dr. Jas is a great clinician who did great work with his patients at OHFAST. I was sad to hear that Dr. Jas would no longer be with us but I was happier to see him advancing forward and living his dreams. Great job Jas! You will always be a part of our family!

I have know Dr. Randhawa for over 4 years and had the honour to work with him for 1.5 years.  I knew Jas would be world class from early on.  His passion for knowledge and to be better is second to none.  He is and will be a leader in our profession for a long time.  I'm honoured to know him and cherished his time at OHFAST.   Great job Jas. 

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