The following is a an article written by the newest member of the OHFAST team Dr. Steve Osterer.   I'm excited to have Dr. Osterer join the OHFAST team.  In keeping with our model Dr. Osterer exemplifies Performance Therapy.  He is a Chiropractor, Strength Coach and has a background as a Division Pitcher at Cornell University.  He is very knowledgeable, a great therapist and driven to help our community.  As you will read Dr. Osterer is a lifter who is proficient in the gym.  He understands the nature of strength lifts and knows how to assess and treat them.

Dr. Paul Oh

Lifting, Learning and helping

By Dr. Steve Osterer

What now seems like a lifetime ago, my first day inside a performance gym was one I don’t think I’ll ever forget. Packed into a cozy warehouse space filled with dozens of NHL players & prospects, I sat as a starry eyed fourteen year old, enthralled by the novel environment. Weights were flying around, hard hitting high fives were thrown, music was uncomfortably blasting from the rafters, chalk was everywhere, and that sweet smell of iron hit my nostrils for the first time. I knew I was at home.


As I progressed through high school, and my training age correspondingly matured, I began to internalize some of the great lessons that the gym can teach --- that determination and work ethic prevails in the long run, that progress requires commitment and doesn’t come easy, and that no matter how awesome we may be, the iron will always humble us.


Sitting in college classrooms, I found that my love of the iron seeped into my academic field of study. It seems as if I was continually fixated on how the concepts that I learned in physiology, anatomy and biomechanics could be applied to lifting heavy things. Slowly, it all began to ‘click’. My aches and pains dissipated. My lifts went up. I spent most of my time thinking about improving my squat, improving mobility, or PR’ing in weighted pull-ups.


As I continued to learn, apply principles and practice new techniques, my passion spread from improving my own lifts & learning about injuries to educating others. With my thirst for performance knowledge constantly growing, I chose a profession, and now a team, where I could satisfy both of these desires.


From the many continuing education courses, hours of reading and practicing in the gym, I am driven by curiosity to answer the ever burning question in my mind --- why? Understanding pain, function, performance, their dependence & independence and how I can play a role in all of it is at the heart of my obsession with performance therapy. I am always striving for more. For myself. For my patients. I will not stop until I finish the impossible task of knowing it all.


Over fifteen years ago I began my journey of asking ‘why’ and look forward to continuing it with the team at OHFAST. 


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