35 years old, Father of 2 boys and Strong

I am 35 years old and feel great.  I am still achieving Personal Records (PRs) and most importantly I feel great about where I am with my body and what I can do with it.  I have not consistently been around or under 200 lbs in 13 years.  This year my box jump went up to 51”, Back squat 385 lbs, Deadlift 405 lbs and Turkish Get Up with the "Beast" (48 kg/106 lbs Kettlebell).  With strength I can do more.  Strength has helped me be a better father.  It is so much fun to play with my son and show him that daddy can climb trees, jump and play with him.  I don’t ever want to say I am getting too old for anything.

Strength is my obsession and passion

I truly believe strength has made me understand how the body works.  I have always been an inquisitive kid who liked solving problems.  My profession as a performance therapist is the perfect journey for my life.  I selfishly want to know how the body works so I can share the knowledge and insights with my community.  Every day is an opportunity for growth, understanding and helping my community.

Strength in Community

Like our mothers used to say "you are who you hang out with".  I have to be strong because there are so many strong people around me.  I’m inspired by all the members of my communities who train and work hard to get the most out of themselves.  I work in so many communities and it has been a pleasure to work with all of them (@Blast Athletic, @CF416, @Academy of lions, @Crossfit Metric, @Michelle Ramsey fitness, @Karen Ko Fitness, @Brash Fitness).  As a performance therapist I help the people resolve their injuries, teach them on how to prevent injury and perform better.

Strength is my teacher

A great man Wim Hof once said “the cold is my teacher”.   Strength is my teacher and I humbly teach the lessons I have learned to others.  I am constantly exploring strength in my training, practice and working with my patients.  To quote another great Dan Pfaff (World class Track and Field coach @ Altis) “You get faster not by horsepower but position, angles and timing (PAT)”.  I believe this is the key to how we use our body.  I am always searching within my own body for better PAT for strength.  With PAT in mind I am looking for ways to move easier, better and stronger.  Stay tuned for a future article about my journey with PAT.  As I learn more I am constantly thinking about simpler ways to teach these lessons and create context for my community.  Teaching is a skill that I am always trying to be better at.

I guess it's in my genes.  Growing up our family business was Tae Kwon Do schools and my dad was a great teacher who taught so many.  I feel proud that I can continue the Oh family tradition of passing on lessons of strength.  Rest in peace dad.

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