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The Strength Collective

OHFAST had its first Strength collective session for trainers on Wed Jan 13.   The Strength collective is a knowledge sharing group led by me (Dr. Paul Oh).  I shared some of the novel ways I have created to get my patients/students/clients to feel principles of movement and strength.  

We explored Intra Abdominal Pressure (IAP) and the squat.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term IAP it is how I describe what the CORE is.  Stay tuned for a detail article on IAP.

Here is a novel way to feel IAP and oblique activation through a squat.  By using resisted rotation will automatically activate the the obliques.  Now you can feel front side tension in a squat through the whole range.

I took everybody through a IAP journey from lying on your back, sit to stand and a barbell back squat.  We worked on understanding the principle on how to feel IAP and apply it to load.  My goal was to define IAP and get everyone to feel it in low level movements and apply it to strength.   My life's work is dedicated on understanding how the body works and finding novel ways to apply it.

This was a great experience working with everyone.  Thank you to all the trainers that participated.   We had trainers from Blast, 416, Academy and Michelle Ramsey fitness who attended.  It was a great experience interacting with you to take you guys on a journey to feel movement and strength through Intra Abdominal Pressure (IAP) and the squat. 

Look forward to future Strength Collective.   If you are a trainer and interested in joining the collective events or email list feel free to to email the link below.


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