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Currenly our Performane Therapy team is made up of 2 Chiros, 1 Athletic Therapist and 1 Massage Therapist. We all have different designations but the same mindset and approach - the Perfomance therapy way.

We are looking for therapists (Physio, Chiro, Athletic therapist, Massage therapist or Osteopaths) who want to adopt a performance therapy approach and work with our dedicated fitness communities.

Our mission is to create the best injury and performance solutions for our dedicated training communities. We are dedicate to working with training and active populations recover from injury or break through performance limitations.

Our performance therapy team focus on high quality care and being the best at helping our dedicated training communities. We work at all levels of athletes - from the weekend warrior to the world class athletes. We spread the performance therapy message to local, regions, nationals and world class events.

If you are interested working with athletes and active populations at all levels reach out to us. Please feel free to email us at with the subject heading (Careers) or book a call with our founder Dr. Paul Oh to learn more about what we do.

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We Currently have 6 locations.


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