Pain Free   |    Heal Faster   |   Move Better

Our Performance Therapists are either a CHIRO or PHYSIO with TRAINER (CSCS) credentials.  Our mission is to help the corporate athlete stay on the field and get to the next level.

Pain free

As therapists we use the hands on treatment and teach you what not to do to help reduce your pain.

Heal Faster

We use the right balance of hands on therapy and exercise to get you back into the game.

Move Better

We teach you how to move better to increase performance or prevent injury.

in PERFORMANCE THERAPY we help you... 

  1. Create better joint positions to allow to you squat, deadlift, press or move better

  2. Improve your Technique by teaching you how get into better positions

  3. Provide Training Recommendations for optimal training and recovery 

This approach will help you HEAL from injury fast and PERFORM BETTER

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