Basics / Stack & Strong / Progression


"To be great do the Common, Uncommonly Well"

In this class you will learn how the body works and how to do the basics well.  Learn how to feel strong in the 5 foundational movement: Squat, Hinge, Split leg, Push, Pull.  The principles of these movements will apply to all the movements you will do in the gym.  Some examples of each movement are the following... Squat (Front, Back), Hinge (Deadlift, KB Swing), Split (Lunge, Step up), Push (Strict press, Push up), Pull (Ring row, Pull up).


Technique = Achieve Good Alignment and don't lose it

With the Foundational 5 you will learn how to stay STACKED.  Being stacked is all about good posture and alignment.  Technique is about maintaining these posture and positions.  We will train your core and stabilizers to hold those positions and move STRONG.


Key to Success = Be at the edge of your ability (aka the right progression)

We will help you find the progression that works for you and build you up to the more skilled and heavier expressions of the Foundational Five (F5).

Class Format

Mobility + Stability = Move Strong without Pain


Learn different stretching, rolling and band techniques to create a better joint position.


Learn how to use the right muscles to support increased range of motion or better positions

Move Strong without Pain

Learn technique.   Learn how to distribute the load to many muscles and not break the good postures and positions.


Each Class will touch base with the Foundational 5 movements with an emphasis on 1 or 2 of the movements.

Price and Particulars

  • Price $50 for 4 weeks
  • Classes will be every Tue @ 7:30 am 
  • Class will be limited to 10 participants
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