Strength Lab

Is a 50 min to dive deep and learn to feel the movements you do all the time.  Connect to your body and how it loads.

Class is limited to 8 paid participants and 2 spots for Complimentary First timers.

Class is $20.

We will cycle through the foundational 5 movements: Squat, Hinge, Lunge, Push & Pull.

You will learn about the joints involved, mechanics/technique and Training considerations.

  • Joints ... Mobility (how to open joint), Stability (keep in joint in the right position).
  • Mechanics... Where to feel the loads, what muscles to focus on, driving with the right areas and distributing load.
  • Training consideration... Learn how to express the movement in different ways, how to scale.

You will work on the technique and skill of getting strong and the workout will be a by-product.  Please do not sign up if you are looking for just a workout and to shut your brain off.  

You will move, feel and connect to strength!

Commited 5 weeks / 1 cycle $100 or $20 / class.




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